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Strength analysis for any parts, assemblies and structures

Verification calculation is finite element analysis of a structure subjected to given mechanical and thermal loads for determining stresses and strains.

Please send us CAD model or design drawings (blueprints, sketches with dimensions) and description of the problem. We will discuss all details, compose technical specification and then develop finite element model and proceed with the analysis.

​All calculations are performed using finite element analysis software DSMFEM and may include structural (static and dynamic, linear and nonlinear), fatigue, buckling, thermal, thermoelastic, contact, wear and modal analysis.

The results are arranged in a detailed report with conclusions regarding working efficiency of the structure and recommendations on design improvement, if needed.

Design calculation involves determining dimensions and shapes of the structure providing its working capacity under given conditions, which are usually represented by mechanical and thermal loads.

First, we analyze the initial design, and reveal its weaknesses. Then we modify the model and analyze it repeatedly until it is optimal, for example: strength and stiffness of the structure are provided, target mass is reached, natural frequencies are in the allowable range, necessary fatigue life is provided, etc. Finally, we provide the customer with the optimal design description and/or

design documentation.

Software developent. We develop applications for solving particular problems based on the DSMFEM components. For example, this can be a software for express analysis of trusses or for modal analysis of a given type of steelworks with user defined dimension, and so on.

We are flexible and open for collaboration.

​If you need consulting in mechanical or structural engineering, and your problem goes beyond the services above, please contact us, and we will do our best to help you.


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