Finite Element Analysis LaDSMFEM


DSMFEM — finite element analysis software

DSMFEM is a software package for finite element analysis. It has been developing since 1980-s by a team of researchers from Bryansk State Technical University (Bryansk, Russia).

'DSMFEM' is an abbreviation from 'Dynamics and Strength of Machines with Finite Element Method'. DSMFEM is used for solving problems of deformable solids and structures and oriented to practical engineers, researchers and students involved in strength analysis and design of mechanical systems.

Many studies performed using DSMFEM had become the basis for international journal publications, Ph. D. and Doctor theses. Some examples are presented in our portfolio.

DSMFEM is used for:

  • Linear and nonlinear structural analysis

  • Steady-state and transient analysis

  • Dynamic stress analysis

  • Buckling analysis

  • Modal analysis

  • Heat conduction and thermoelastic analysis

  • Dynamic analysis of variable structures

  • Contact analysis for multiple deformable bodies with friction

  • Rolling contact analysis

  • Fluid-structure interaction analysis

  • Multiphysics analysis                                        (structural + thermoelasticity + contact + wear)

DSMFEM software registration certificate, CAE/FEA program package

DSMFEM features:

  • Dimension of problems is limited only by operating system used and RAM installed

  • Multiprocessor support

  • More than 30 finite elements (including higher order shells and solids)

  • Full user control of element mesh when creating a model from scratch

DSMFEM solver uses the following methods:

  • Cholesky method

  • Relaxation method

  • Lanczos algorithm

  • Simultaneous iteration method

  • Newton-Raphson method

  • Newmark method

  • Park method

  • Contact algorithm based on the force method

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