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Crusader fortress
A detailed model (4 million DOF) of the fortress wall was developed and its destruction in an earthquake was simulated.
Oil tank car
Strength analysis of the oil tank car was performed for different operational loads.
Tension test carried out, strength analysis performed.
Hydraulic transmission wheel
Strength of the structure was investigated with accounting for contact between the axle and the wheel.
Axle-box of a freight car
Design life of the axle-box with cassette-type bearing was calculated. Contacts between all elements of the axle-box were accounted for.
Electric locomotive wheel
Contact between the parts of electric locomotive wheel was investigated for different traction conditions.
Threaded Coupling
Threaded coupling of bolt and nut was analyzed in 2D and 3D; distributions of contact pressures and Von Mises stresses were calculated.
High-clearance carrier
Fatigue design life of the high-clearance stilt sprayer was evaluated using hybrid models.
Braking pad
Distributions of temperature, stress and strain were calculated for different braking modes.
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Selected case studies

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